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Ceramic Coating

The most valuable paint protection for your vehicle!

  • 12 hr
  • 800 Canadian dollars
  • Hemlock Crescent

Service Description

What is a Ceramic Coating? Because we are detailers, we're tempted to get into the nitty gritty of what a ceramic coating is, but there's no need to bore you. A ceramic coating is like a thick winter coat you put on your kids before they go sledding! It's a hyper durable and extremely thick layer of Silicon Dioxide (glass) that cures to the entire exterior of your vehicles paint, glass and other surfaces. Not only do ceramic coatings give a rich, glossy appearance to your vehicles paint that is absolutely "UNMATCHED" but a Professional Grade Ceramic Coating is designed to last somewhere between 3 and 7+ years depending on the coating you choose. At the end of the day Ceramic coatings have 2 jobs: 1. Long term protection 2. Beautiful gloss & shine (and we mean BEAUTIFUL) Please keep in mind Ceramic Coating prices are based off our average 2+ Year Avalon King armor shield coating, and move up to our premium ceramic coatings from System X that go above and beyond to last over 7 years. Small Vehicle: $800-1000 Small SUV: $1200-2000 Large Vehicles: $2000-3500 How does a Ceramic Coating Work? After the Coating is applied to your paint, it is as if your vehicle has an extra layer of ultra durable, scratch resistant and hydrophobic skin. Ceramics are designed to protect against everything that touches the paint from the outside world, including: Bird droppings, bugs, rain, pollen, surface scratches and much more! While normal auto detailing services can help clean and protect your paint temporarily, ceramic coatings form a sort of shield that protects your investment until the day it's traded in, which means more money in your pocket! Now... Washing and maintaining your car is inconvenient and tiresome. So after you spend $50,000 on a vehicle & slowly watch it degrade more and more overtime because we just don't want to keep up with it, or maybe you purchased a used vehicle which needs the life restored on it but you don't have to time or effort for that nonsense. With that being said, it's crazy to spend thousands of dollars for a car, drive it unprotected and trade it in for pennies later. As Certified Professional Installer, it's my duty to make sure your vehicle gets the coating you feel confident in owning... Example; With a high end BMW you'll have for a while a 5 year coating will be perfect, if you aren't trying to break the bank a 2+ year coating for your daily driver is just fine! Time for you to reach out to us!

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised, to cancel any service you must give a 24 hour notice so we can keep up to speed as our service times vary from day to day. You will not be charged. To reschedule you may simply go to our bookings page and select a better date & time that works best for you! Make sure you have cancelled your last booking when your detailing service would've taken place. In case of emergency right before a service takes place, please call or text 204-761-2116. We will further understand your reasoning for cancelling and hope to reschedule you at your earliest convenience!

Contact Details

  • 13 Hemlock Crescent, Brandon, MB, Canada

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